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Top Dog Coffee is our Hawaiian coffee adventure. We have a small farm in Kona, and do grow our own beans as well as utilizing other green coffee beans from other high quality farms. We started our farm about 5 years ago when Joy thought it would be fun to have a few coffee trees. Little did we know how wonderful fresh, Kona Coffee would taste. So what started out as a hobby, is now a business endeavor for us.

Kona Coffee is well known as being one of the World’s Best Coffee, if not the best! Coffee has been grown on the Big Island of Hawaii, for over 175 years. Hawaii is the only state in the US that commercially grows coffee. Kona Coffee is grown in the North and South Districts of Kona. There are other coffee areas on the islands and each area coffee will carry identification on the label from these Districts.

The coffee cherry ripens at different times of the year on the same tree, and is handpicked when ripe. Because our coffee is handpicked we are very careful not include green or overripe cherry in our picking, which can occur in machine-picked cherry. We work hard to make sure that Top Dog Coffee will be the best coffee you will ever enjoy!


Top Dog Coffee
Mark & Joy Johnson, Proprietors

Mahalo for your business!